Linda Howard

RWA Lifetime Achievement Award-Winning Suspense Author

The Way Home

standaloneJulie Trelstad

Anne Sharp has never expected in a million years that she will get any indecent proposal from a man much more her boss. But when wealthy Oaxone Malone has asked her to be either his mistress or secretary, Anne chose the former because she knows that what she feels for Oaxone is once-in-a-lifetime. Oaxone has grown up from one bad foster family to another. He learns never to trust anyone nor let anyone get too close to him. But he seems to be having difficulty separating his needs and intense attraction from Anne and he tries hard to protect himself from committing fully to her.

When Anne gets pregnant, she accepts that her time with Oaxone will end because her lover doesn't want anything to do with a baby and commitment. She honestly tells him her pregnancy and Oaxone feels betrayed and panics because he suddenly feels that he can't lose Anne for she has become essential in his life. However he can't accept a full commitment either. Can Oaxone forget his past disappointments and fears to take a chance on new life with Anne? Can Anne even accept a one-sided love marriage?

ISBN 9780263867374